Founded in 2018, SDXWORLD is a leading business organization aiming to accelerate trade operations and functions, providing the value-added customize services. We are a premium IT-driven service provider with widely spread clients and team members in the India, United States of America, and Canada.

Our offices are in India. Our group of experienced, qualified professionals enables business tasks, smartly. We holds expertise in providing Digital Marketing , virtual staffing and administrative support employing versatile assistants and domain specialists.

The organization focuses smartly handling day-to-day routine business operations providing virtual staffing across the globe. Our services are profound in overcoming time zones, cultural misunderstandings retaining the privacy of the business information. We empowers businesses to focus on mission-critical assignments.

Our mission is to develop a profitable business providing IT-driven smart services across demographics. Also, to enhance the business growth of the customers with innovative services, delivering market-driven cost-effective, quality solutions. For us, customer satisfaction is the priority, objectively retaining business continuity and growth.

Our vision is to enable the business organizations of all levels such that they expand, grow, and retain business continuity. We consistently evolve as an IT service provider benefitting customer’s vision with great satisfaction at the global landscape. Our professional business processes and services incubate a flexibly smart integrated approach accelerating overall business performance and optimization.

What sets us apart?
We work dedicatedly, serving more than expectations!
Hire-Assistant is a prominent IT service provider, delivering offshore assistance. Our services are smart in accelerating the client’s productivity. We enable clients to achieve hassle-free business objectives.

The features that set us apart are:
We impart superior assistance in all business domains.
Our assistance methodologies are qualitatively result-oriented
We contribute to a reduction in time-to-market and increase in the business economy.
We offer services for a variety of business operations.
Flexibility and reliability are two key takeaways for our clients.
Our in-house tools & techniques augment technology capabilities.
Our clients across the globe trust our expertise & experience.
Our assistants are highly skilled, experienced, certified, and proficient in their respective domains.
Leveraging our decades of expertise and advancements. We serve our clients from different industry verticals like Insurance, Real Estate, Healthcare, Medical, Media, Retail, Financial Sector, Distribution, Pharmaceuticals, etc.
We enable our clients achieve best results.
We are a highly cost-effective & customer-oriented company catering the diverse business needs globally.
What else?
The entire team works in a creative and lively environment to bring all great ideas on board and let them churn out exciting business concepts because we believe “only a perfect environment can bring out excellent ideas.”
Our work approaches include the brainstorm sessions where stakeholders suggest and brainstorm on the idea to find and deploy the best.
We also believe in knowledge sharing to enable team members to gain in-depth knowledge about various tools and tasks in hand. It makes each of them know and learn the latest developments in different industry trends. It broadens the outlook of our employees and keeps them updated.

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